Grit Between My Teeth

I’ve noticed one of the lasting (negative) impacts of the accident is a set of flashbacks and triggers that are unavoidable. Thankfully, as time has passed, they have greatly diminished, but one seems to be more intense than others. This one is a bit difficult to explain because I don’t quite understand it myself. It seems to be that every time it feels as though there’s some sort of grit between my top and bottom teeth (particularly my back molars)  I have an intense wave of fear.

After the accident, I remember feeling something grainy between my teeth. It was an extremely unpleasant feeling, but more importantly, it was an extremely terrifying feeling because I wasn’t sure what it was. In fact, I’m still not quite sure. The fear of not knowing what was wrong before I was assessed by EMTs, Doctors, and Nurses was unimaginable. I was fearing for the worst, but by the grace of God, I got the best.

I can only really come up with one explanation. During the accident, I screamed at the top of my lungs and therefore left my mouth wide open to any debris that was coming from the windshield, the airbags, and whatever flew through the windows that shattered. I remember thinking it was glass and being terrified for some time that I must have swallowed it after the accident and that I was going to have digestive problems. Obviously, that is not the case as I seem to be fine, but what remains is this intense feeling from the accident. The only thing that really replicates it is a little toothpaste or small bits of food between my top and bottom teeth. I can only hope it continues to go away.


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