Two Years.


Next Saturday marks two years since I survived my car accident. As I have recovered from the crash, I’ve realized the process of getting back to or finding a new normal is a gradual one. Each day I feel a little bit better and while some days, I take five steps back, there are other days I can look back on now and remember springing ahead in my recovery.

One of those days was the one-year anniversary of the accident. March 25, 2016.

While I spent the day with family and tried my best to stay calm and away from cars, I also handed out little CARe packages. Each had a first aid kit, light, whistle, and ice pack to make any unexpected experience a little better.

This was no simple task as it was difficult for me to even walk down the shopping aisle of these items without my heart racing. Once I handed them off, however, I felt a great sense of relief. I was alive and had been for a whole year after that awful night.

This year, I am giving out another CARe package. A seatbelt cutter/glass hammer. I ordered so many of them, but wanted to be able to spread a bit more love this year.

I set them up in the dining room so I can look at them and get used to them over the next week before they are given away.

Here’s hoping again, March 25th, will be another day where I move away from the accident and walk closer to recovery.


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