Tomorrow I drive by the accident site. Just like I do every Wednesday. This time, though, it will be different. This time, it will be a Wednesday, just like the Wednesday 2 years ago when I was hit by that semi.

It’s funny how I don’t really think about the driver that much, but in a night like tonight where I am filled with anxiety about the next day I wonder: Do they know I am alive? Do they ever think about that night? Do they ever feel guilty or worried because of what happened? I guess I’ll never know.

I am afraid…

of driving tomorrow

of getting sick again

of wrecking my car and not being alive to tell the story

if having it all happen again

of being alone

of dying

how can I not be? That nice almost killed me but instead it changed my life forever.

Please Se take this fear away. It feels like a rock in my stomach. Take it away. Let me live without the weight of fear looming around.


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