Someday I’ll be a mom, but not today.

Someday, I’ll be rid of my major health concerns and issues. not today.

Today, I am a 29 year-old on her way to being 30 with no chance of having a baby before then.

Some women face fertility issues, my heat breaks for them. Some women have complications during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I cannot imagine how they must feel.

I am at a different stop. I am playing the waitings game. I’m sure others have been here before. I’m sure others are here now, but I just don’t know it. Maybe it’s due to a medical issue, a lack of partner, a lack of financial stability. There must be others like me.

And while I am finally opening up to family members after suffering for almost a year with this heavy heart, I know that my situation is not as dismal as many other women.

Still, my heart aches. My soul wonders. Will I ever be a mom?

A voice answers. Yes, give it time.

Trust me.


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